Feeding Toddlers

When it comes to food time, toddlers can be a bit of a nightmare, but with a few tricks, distractions and a bit of patience it is possible to feed and enjoy feeding time with your toddler. What to do if your toddler wont eat. If for some reason your toddler refuses to eat, dont […]

Sell a Car on Facebook for Free

Yes, Facebook Marketplace is now well and truly established but, about the only thing which people seem to be selling other than old crap from their lives is cars… and cheap cars at that. The second hand car market has never been tighter nor harder to predict as once beautiful motors now change hands for […]

Visit Wales

Wales has some of the best countryside and beaches in the UK and also boasts some of the best places to camp in Wales too. With thousands of people flocking to Wales each summer you are sure to find something to enjoy in the Welsh area. Learn more about the places to stay in Wales […]

Respect the Water

A London Tourist Gary Wood has drowned in Lake Garda whilst he and his family attempted to swim a mile out to an island. His Brother in law and sister desperately tried for over ten minutes to resuscitate Gary whilst in the water but, he is believed to have died of an heart attack. Swimming […]

McGregor vs Mayweather

Billed as the fight for the fans the battle between Mayweather and McGregor is hotting up as the press conference does it rounds in the goo old US of A. Today in New York both fighters will come toe to toe for another round of trash talking and it seems that both McGregor and Mayweather […]

Things you Don’t Need

Avoiding the things which you do not need in your life is about the best way to save money and according to some “save your soul” but in this world of self indulgence and influence just how hard is it to avoid things you dont need but, tell yourself you want? A great example of […]

A War Memorial

In 1919 the Mayor of the city, Sir Robert Anderson, JP, set up the War Memorial Fund. This trust was dedicated to the production of a remembrance to recognize the lives of the officers from the city who battled and kicked the bucket amid the First World War. The Memorial was raised in 1927 and […]

Youtube Ads

A recent shake up to the way which advertisers and video makes can make revenue from their videos has come into force last week with youtube now announcing that new videos and channels must have over 10,000 views in order to be applicable to the youtube/adsense advertising platforms. The move is mean to help both […]

Brexit & Article 50

Brexit and Article 50 were triggered at the end of March here in the UK which formalises the UKs right to leave the EU and begin governing itself once more. The remaining 27 member EU states have now all been made aware of the UKs wants to leave the EU and as such the major […]

Dealing with Drug Addictions

There are some people out there who might think that drugs are not a thing which affect many people, but here in the UK we have a problem with drugs and drug use. There are many charities and organisations out there which can help you as well as government services like FRANK which are put […]