Feeding Toddlers

When it comes to food time, toddlers can be a bit of a nightmare, but with a few tricks, distractions and a bit of patience it is possible to feed and enjoy feeding time with your toddler.
What to do if your toddler wont eat.
If for some reason your toddler refuses to eat, dont dis pare and start to pull out your hair, no simply use some distraction techniques such as offering them a book or toy at the table/ high chair, then simply carry on with feeding.

If distraction doesnt work
If you find that distracting your toddler doesnt help matters then simply try a new seating angle or let them out of their high chair completely for a couple of minuets. Once the child has calmed down then simply pull the dinner back out.

Too hot, too cold.
Sometimes the food itself can be the problem. If its too hot or too cold then this can put a toddler off eating. If they wont take the food at all, try them with some finger foods such as carrot sticks, crisps, chips or even raisins and fruit. This will suffice their appetite.

If all else fails, simply try and work off some energy, play time and walking can be hard going for a toddler so take them out for some fresh air and make sure that they are ready for their dinners.