Respect the Water

A London Tourist Gary Wood has drowned in Lake Garda whilst he and his family attempted to swim a mile out to an island.
His Brother in law and sister desperately tried for over ten minutes to resuscitate Gary whilst in the water but, he is believed to have died of an heart attack.

Swimming towards the Island of Rabbits near Salo with his wife, mother, sister and brother in law Gary Wood (37 years old from Leytonstone) seemed to become motionless. His mother and wife had turned back shortly after setting off when conditions proved difficult. Brother in Law and sister continued to swim with Gary and turned back about half way to the island. The couple who are both doctors attempted to save Gary’s life but, were unsuccessful in attempts and swam to raise the alarm for a life guard.

During the rescue Mr Woods flotation devise sank and as such his body disappeared to a depth of 72 Feet below the surface. This lead to a helicopter and rescue vessel taking two hours to pull up his body. The Commonwealth Office for Italy has stated that they are “providing support for the family.”