Sell a Car on Facebook for Free

Yes, Facebook Marketplace is now well and truly established but, about the only thing which people seem to be selling other than old crap from their lives is cars… and cheap cars at that.
The second hand car market has never been tighter nor harder to predict as once beautiful motors now change hands for a few hundred pounds. But what can you expect when looking to buy or sell your car on Facebook?

A Guide to selling your car on Facebook.
Adding a vehicle to the marketplace is easy, simply take some pictures and write a bit about the car, add a location and a price and click go, your advert will automatically be approved in the marketplace and shown to users looking or browsing the market. Yet if you really want to get your car noticed and shift it then you must join some car relevant selling groups within facebook.

Local groups are a great place to start as many people wont travel far to buy a second hand car. Especially once its amongst the sea of other cheap, crap cars for sale on the website. Yet by adding it to enthusiasts groups it is possible to sell your car in a few days or a couple of weeks at most.

Bumping Posts.
Once your car is listed in the marketplaces its time to bump the post back up to the top. This is the process of adding a comment to the car advert. The comment and the volume of comments will help your advert hold its position at the top of the group thread. Beware though as many groups only allow one bump per day. Hence encourage comments on your posts by offer swaps. This will get all the rude boys asking to swap your BMW for their Corsa, something which you might not be interested in but, will help your ad sand out and remain visible to group members.

This is just the very basics of selling a car on Facebook. Its free so why not give it a try? Just log into facebook and search for Marketplace or find the link in the left hand side navigation menu.