Things you Don’t Need

Avoiding the things which you do not need in your life is about the best way to save money and according to some “save your soul” but in this world of self indulgence and influence just how hard is it to avoid things you dont need but, tell yourself you want?

A great example of this activity in essence starts with a trip to a shop. Shopping as well know is a somewhat radon act. Some times we convince our self that a product on the shelf fits in with what we need in life right now and so we as humans are compelled to pick it up and take it with us to the tills. Stop! Wait a minute and ask yourself “do i really need this in my life?”

There are many things in life we can do without and some which are evident to our very existence. Food is one of them. Heading to the shop hungry is a sure fire way of testing the hypothesis out for yourself, simply go down to the shops when you havent eaten and you too can find out just what self indulgence feels like as you grab at this and grasp at that on your way to the tills…

Alas, wait and take a step backwards. Remember; “Do I really need this?”